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  • What yoga training have you completed?
    I completed the following training at the WAY Yoga Academy in Wiesbaden: 200 h (AYA), children's yoga 100 h (AYA) and hormone yoga training. I completed the prenatal training at youga with dear Anne in Darmstadt.
  • What part of India are you originally from?
    My parents are from southern India, from the beautiful state of Kerala. Both then emigrated to Germany more than 40 years ago. I still maintain contact with my relatives and would like to bring my homeland closer to my children. I love flying to Kerala, trying the food, noticing the different smells and letting the bright colors work their magic on me.
  • Why do you want to bring Ayurvedic cuisine closer to the children?
    Children are very inquisitive and like to experiment with new things. Unlike us adults, they are not afraid to try new foods. Unfortunately, in the last 2 years, it has struck me that many parents no longer try to serve their children healthy food. Let's start with the amount the children drink. Children need very good fluid intake - preferably just water or unsweetened teas. But in many households there are more and more juices and ready-made smoothies. Pure sugar! In this blog I would like to show that children can also eat Ayurvedic food. Starting with a warm breakfast and much more. Because the health of our children should be important to us!
  • Will you also address childhood illnesses in your blog?
    Yes! This is a very exciting field - nutrition and childhood diseases. Many diseases (not serious ones) can be alleviated or weakened with a diet tailored to one's needs. Obesity, neurodermatitis, hay fever or allergies, ADHD, depression and much more. Don't get me wrong - my diet tips are not intended to replace medication. Please always discuss everything beforehand with the responsible specialist. There will soon be blog entries by paediatricians on this topic as well as a podcast.
  • Which spices should not be missing in your food?
    Coriander, cardamom and cinnamon - these 3 are among my absolute favorites :) Depending on which dosha is currently elevated, the spices are used more or less.
  • Do you already offer individual coaching?
    No, not yet. Due to the large number of projects, I won't announce appointments for coaching until September.
  • Do your children also eat the Ayurvedic food or do you cook for them separately?
    No, I don't cook separately for the two mice. Both girls have gotten used to the Ayurvedic food. Since they already knew South Indian food, it wasn't a big change for them. Of course, I also cook spaghetti with tomato sauce ;)
  • If you're invited to brunch with friends, do you take groceries with you?"
    A resounding yes! I don't expect my friends to shop especially for me and to be considerate of everything. I'll bring most of it with me and then we'll enjoy the good times and the delicious food together.
  • Are your kids vegan too?
    90% yes. Each month they get 2-4 meat or fish. Here we pay attention to good quality and the origin. It doesn't always have to be organic. And before some get upset ;-) - both children are examined annually by the pediatrician and the blood is taken. So far everything is great and no lack of nutrients!
  • Why don't you offer a Doha self-test on your website?
    I made a conscious decision against such a self-test. Of course, I've done tests like this myself and the results were similar. But then came the question… what do I do with this result? For an initial assessment, these dosha tests are quite good. But afterwards it is important to be accompanied by an Ayurveda consultant or doctor. The results should be discussed together and a plan should be imposed accordingly. A Doha test alone is not enough - for a detailed diagnosis you need more detailed information on the current situation, past, symptoms of illness, current illness, bowel movements, tongue control, stress level and much more. Only then can a customized nutrition plan be created.
  • How have you been able to alleviate your menstrual cycle symptoms?
    Since the beginning of 2021 I have completely avoided refined sugar. I only sweeten with dates and coconut blossom sugar and I'm happy! By not using refined sugar, I no longer have severe stomach cramps, light menstrual bleeding and no joint problems. My mood swings during this time have calmed down and I have become much more relaxed.
  • Do you eat strictly according to Ayurveda?
    No! For me, Ayurveda means more than just living according to rules and following a fixed plan. Almost everything is allowed in Ayurveda - 80% healthy eating and 20% cheating. I'm rediscovering Ayurveda for myself and adapting it to my lifestyle. Food is also pre-cooked, sometimes using frozen vegetables and fruit. Ayurveda should make your everyday life easier and not more difficult.
  • What snacks did you love in the past?
    Chips, chips. Chips and from time to time the chocolate couldn't be missing. Since the beginning of 2021 I have also given up this truck and feel much better.
  • What's your favorite breakfast?
    Warm porridge with steamed fruit (dates, bananas or figs) with almond or pumpkin seed sauce and topped with cocoa nibs. Yummy!
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